Arisa Sculpt

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Arisa Sculpt

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These images use a custom gshade filter I made, but the last one is vanilla. The video is vanilla - scroll to see. PLEASE FORGIVE MY YOUTUBE SKILLS. I suck at it but wanted to share the sculpt in action. I use penumbra and anamnesis, hence the reloading.

This sculpt will be going to $10USD (like my others) 7/15/2022.

Hi friends! This sculpt is for Viera face 3. This is a commission by Sabrine for her character Arisa, and she agreed to let me share it on my store. ♥

This sculpt has multiple custom features: new eyebrows, along with a double-slit version; two new toggleable tattoos (one three small dots under her eye, and one a druid-style one I made); a toggleable beauty mark; custom lashes; and toggleable eyeshadow. She has five basic makeup options: a nude lip and soft eyeliner; glossy nude lip and soft eyeliner; glossy nude lip and a shimmery smokey eye; glossy red lip and soft eyeliner; and glossy red lip and a shimmery smokey eye. I used a mix of these options in my screenshots.

This sculpt uses Ephelis by longerrpigs as its base, and you will need the body diffuse to match. I have included freckled and freckle-less versions, as well as .psds with all of the skin options toggleable so you can pick what you want. This face uses Viera face 2 UVs, but I can't guarantee that any other modders' makeups will look 100% right on it due to how it's been moved - apologies. This sculpt uses a custom normal map I made with realistic lip details, and you need to use it to avoid seams.

Her specular has been given a soft blend style if you use in-game lip-color. It's also unique between the makeup options so details like blush, lip color, and highlight on the eyeshadow remain consistent (within reason - lip color will darken) between skin colors.

The sculpt is fitted with my Pearly White teeth.


Pearly White tooth options

Five makeup options, plus .psd for custom combos

Tattoos, eyeshadow, beauty mark, and face paint are toggleable


Shape keys

Other toggles

Reaper eyes

Note: I hand-painted custom weights and worked intensively to make them look good and function smoothly in game. This is an upscale of the SE vanilla head I made to work with the game and the movements/emotes in it.

About installation: Textools does not have Viera properly so I had to use a basic modpack to install the sculpt and set up the proper material pathing between Veena and Rava. Install that first, then install the customization pack to customize as you see fit. The basic sculpt is fitted with my glow specular, bright eyes normal, and bright eyes catchlight - you can replace them after installation.

I can move the sculpt to any Viera face upon request.

Use: You can edit this sculpt for personal use however you'd like after purchase. You can also contact me about any face or makeup customization and we can figure something out. No sharing, selling, or trading (caveat: please share it with your significant other and/or bestie in game so you can both enjoy your new look). I hope you love it! If you don't, please just let me know and I'll be happy to help fix your issue or give you a refund.


Original upscale bases: Ephelis by longerrpigs (vanilla one is based on an upscale I made with AI)

Hairs: by Zero, Mint, Crow, & Curse & Omen

Clothes: Remi

Body: Succulent/Bibo+

Body scaling: Too Sweet by windupcatgirl, plus my own upscales

Eyes: my Bright Eyes

Teeth: my Pearly Whites

This product is not currently for sale.

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