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These images use a custom vanilla-adjacent gshade filter I made. I will eventually upload a video.

This sculpt will be going to $10USD (like my others) 7/30/2022.

Hi friends! This sculpt is for Miqote face 3. This is a commission that the commissioner wished to share on my store. ♥

This sculpt has multiple custom features: new eyebrows; two new toggleable tattoos (they are small, shaded ornamental tattoos under each eye); and five toggleable piercings (in her ear, on her cheek, on her forehead, a nostril piercing, and a septum piercing). She has matte and glossy versions of nude, red, or burgundy lips, with speculars edited to show properly across all skintones. I used a mix of them for my screenshots.

I have also included a folder with alternative bases and transparent overlays, including clan markings, no glitter eyeshadow, and Ephelis compatibility. The gems and metals on her piercings are editable via colorset. She uses vanilla UVs, but due to movement of her features, I can't guarantee that all makeups will look perfect on her - the ones included have been handpainted to suit her, and she uses custom normal and specular maps.

The sculpt is fitted with my Pearly White teeth.


Pearly White tooth options

Six makeup options (3 gloss, 3 matte) makeup options, plus .psd, transparent overlays, and other bases for custom combos

Tattoos and piercings are toggleable


Shape keys

Other toggles

Reaper eyes

Note: I hand-painted custom weights and worked intensively to make them look good and function smoothly in game. This is an upscale of the SE vanilla head I made to work with the game and the movements/emotes in it.

About installation: Please install the base sculpt modpack first. If you'd like, you can change the teeth by installing the supplemental tooth option modpack, which contains models fitted with my other teeth.

I can move the sculpt to any Miqote face upon request.

Use: You can edit this sculpt for personal use however you'd like after purchase. You can also contact me about any face or makeup customization and we can figure something out. No sharing, selling, or trading (caveat: please share it with your significant other and/or bestie in game so you can both enjoy your new look). I hope you love it! If you don't, please just let me know and I'll be happy to help fix your issue or give you a refund.


Compatibility options included: Ephelis by longerrpigs

Hairs: by Zero, Mint, Crow, & Curse & Omen, & Merochondria

  • Photos 1&2: Eden by Curse & Omen
  • Photo 3: Wash 'n Go Curls by CCrow
  • Photo 4: Brenna by Curse & Omen
  • Photo 5: Johnson by Mint
  • Photo 6: Blue Lily by Miste
  • Photo 7: Aloe Vera by Merochondria

Clothes: Remi

  • Photos 1&2: Verrucosum
  • Photo 3: Marigold
  • Photo 4: Saffron
  • Photo 5: Sports Bralette VB
  • Photo 6: Chamomille
  • Photo 7: Zinnia

Body: Succulent/Bibo+

Body scaling: Too Sweet by windupcatgirl, plus my own upscales

Eyes: my Bright Eyes

Teeth: my Pearly Whites

2 ratings
  • Custom sculpt Face Sculpt & Makeups

  • Custom sculpt Face Sculpt & Makeups


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