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Bright Eyes | Eye Speculars, Normal, & Catchlights

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Bright Eyes | Eye Speculars, Normal, & Catchlights

Elegy Works
30 ratings

Hi friends!

I have been working on this pack for awhile. I really wanted eyes in my particular style that are both vibrant and reflect the diversity of races and clans in the game. I've just been working on it bit by bit over the months. I have created unique eye textures for each of the races/clans in the game, including Garleans. Y'Shtola has a unique blind edit for her eyes, as well. I also created a normal map and unique catchlights - one for most races, and one specially fitted to Hrothgar.

This modpack will replace every eye texture in the game except for the Ancients. Loose files are also available for download.

You can always find me on twitter @elegyworks. I'd love to see your screenshots! Have fun! ♡

Credits: The sculpts in some of the pictures are my Etienne and Ara sculpts with the makeup I created for them. All hair is vanilla except my Calla hair. I also use Remi's female body/clothes and hoffnung's finger tattoos. I have megu's soft & smokey makeups on some of the females in my game.

This is a free mod - do not reupload it anywhere for profit. You can include it in whatever if you link back to where it is freely available.

To install: Double click the modpack.

If you want to replace specific textures: In textools, open the expandable menus to navigate to your character's type: Character → Face → (Race & sex). Choose your character's face number from the dropdown list in "Face Number." Change "Material" to the "iri_a" slot. The normal file goes in "Normal," the specular file goes in "Multi" and the catchlight goes in "Reflection." Hit the "..." next to "Import at the bottom of the window, navigate to where you saved the files, and import them.

Note: If you want unique textures, you can go to the eye material and click "edit material." If you click "make unique," the textures will be unique to that particular face. You can then import a normal map, specular, and catchlight as explained above. I have already done this for shared eye textures in my modpack.

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Eye Speculars + Normal + Catchlight


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