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Amir Sculpt

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Amir Sculpt

Elegy Works
3 ratings
  • First image uses a custom filter I made. All other images included are vanilla screenshots & video - scroll to see.

Hi friends! This sculpt is for Au Ra face 1. I have been working for awhile on a male and female sculpt to be released simultaneously - this is Amir. (Note: If you want to buy both sculpts, I have them bundled at a discount here.) I wanted a more realistic looking face with a facial hair option, so he has a handmade beard how. Because Au Ra have no chin under their chin scales, I made him a new one.

Amir has multiple custom features made by me: new limbals, brows, a beard, and lashes. He has three main makeup options (base, black shadow, black and gold liner) with different details that show on all skin colors. He has special normals that give his lips realistic texture. I have also included a .psd so you can mix and match any of the makeup details as you see fit.

I preserved his original chin spikes and those are included as a toggleable option along with his cheek scales, forehead scales, horn tips, and new beard. His beard is fitted around his chin spikes so nothing looks too weird when both are toggled on. His beard is fitted his face scales as realistically as possible, so the growth occurs only on his unscaled skin.

Please note: All Au Ra have neck seams. I worked extensively to minimize it. The screenshots are unedited and show how minimal it is now. I made my own upscales to achieve a mostly-seamless look. The makeup, normal, and specular were tested with the Body SE. However, any body with a minimal seam with a vanilla face should work with this one.

The sculpt is fitted with my Pearly White teeth.


  • Pearly White tooth options
  • Three makeup options, plus .psd for custom combos
  • Limbals, forehead scales, cheek scales, chin scales, horn tips, beard, and face paint are toggleable
  • B&W Scales+ compatibility pack is available


  • Shape keys
  • Other toggles
  • Reaper eyes

Note: Most facepaints work well, but the bandit-stripe one is a bit distorted in the middle.

I hand-painted custom weights and worked intensively to make them look good and function smoothly in game. This is an upscale of the SE vanilla head I made to work with the game and the movements/emotes in it.

I can move the sculpt to any Au Ra face upon request.

Use: You can edit this sculpt for personal use however you'd like after purchase. You can also contact me about any face or makeup customization and we can figure something out. No sharing, selling, or trading (caveat: please share it with your significant other and/or bestie in game so you can both enjoy your new look). I hope you love it! If you don't, please just let me know and I'll be happy to help fix your issue or give you a refund.


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