Nia Sculpt

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Nia Sculpt

Elegy Works
5 ratings
  • Images included are vanilla screenshots & video for emotes - scroll to see.

Hi friends! This sculpt is for midlander face 3 (If you want to use a different midlander face or a highlander face, I can move it for you). These are in-game, filter-free screenshots. I really wanted to make a sculpt for darker skintones that brings out some depth because the game unfairly washes darker skins details.

I've created A TON of makeups for it and included them both in the modpack and as .pngs so you can swap or edit when you feel like it. (TOO MANY. NEVER AGAIN.) I've also created custom eyebrows, lashes, and moles made to fit the sculpt.

The sculpt is fitted with my Pearly White teeth, and you can choose between Hyur and elf ears.


  • Pearly White tooth options
  • Makeups: every combination possible of 3 lipstick styles, 2 eyeliner styles, 2 lower lash styles, 2 freckle styles in light or dark, glitter, and blush
  • Two brow options
  • Two lash options
  • Tattoos, moles, eye shadow toggle, and face paint are functional


  • Shape keys
  • Scar
  • Second eyebrow toggle
  • Reaper eyes

Important note on teeth: I have removed support for other tooth types.

Note: Most facepaints work well, but the bandit-stripe one is a bit distorted in the middle.

This is an upscale of the SE vanilla head I worked extensively to make look good and function smoothly with the game and the movements/emotes in it.

I can move the sculpt to any Midlander or Highlander face upon request.

Use: You can edit this sculpt for personal use however you'd like after purchase. You can also contact me about any face or makeup customization and we can figure something out. No sharing, selling, or trading (caveat: please share it with your significant other and/or bestie in game so you can all enjoy your new look). I hope you love it! If you don't, please just let me know and I'll be happy to help fix your issue or give you a refund.


This product is not currently for sale.

A custom sculpt with makeup and face paint for your character!


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